Bets on greater/less, often called "Total" – is the type of bet, where the bet is made on whether the final result of the game will be greater than the outcome published by the bookmaker or lesser than this number. The winner of the bet on the outcome is determined by the addition of the final results of both teams. If the final result in the sum will give exactly as much as was supposed by the bookmaker, then the bet amount is refunded. Note: in tennis, games are indicated as Total. In volleyball - goals scored (instead of sets won).

Individual Total - the number of goals scored (pucks delivered etc.) in the match by one of the teams participating in the competition. To win you need to specify correctly, if the number of balls scored by the chosen participant will be over "O" or under "U" (if you hit the total the bet is returned, that is calculated with a winning coefficient of "1").

Example: Rubin - Lokomotiv M. The individual total of Rubin is 1.5, the odds for "Over" bet is 2.08, "Under" - 1.69. The individual total of Lokomotiv is 1, the odds for "Over" bet is 3.6, "Under" - 1.25.

Thus, 1.5 becomes a kind of delimiter from which the countdown is taken. If you make a bet "Over" in the amount of RUR 100 on an individual total, for example, of Rubin, then if the team scores two or more goals, the bet will win and your winnings will be 100 * 2.08 = RUR 208. But if Rubin scores own goal, then it will be counted as scored by Lokomotiv. In this case, it is not important how many goals are scored by Lokomotiv.

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