This section is dedicated to become familiar with various bonuses, actions, as well as additional services appearing on the site. More detailed information concerning each type of bonuses available can be read after following the respective link:
Va-Bank rate The rates «Va-Bank» - these are the serious bets for clients who want to play for high stakes. All type of bets is covered by the maximum and minimum sum of bets.
Big-rates «Big rates» — the bets, which sum exceeds the allowed maximum and is limited only by the sum of money available on your account. This requires confirmation of the administration.
 /Bonuses to active clients «Bonuses to the most active clients» - daily action that is executed by the bookmaker’s office named “Goal + Pass”. Clients who show the biggest activity are paid down interest from their turnover or loss.
/” - this is a possibility to receive 20% of the invoice sum in a draw for the maximum invoice, 30% - for the biggest invoice lost in a draw.

/Bonuses for expresses

The bookmaker’s office “goal + Pass” offers to its clients a number of bonuses for the expresses – general bets for several independent results of events. For the expresses and make money on them!

”Bonus /Bonus for sensible express» - this is additional earnings on correctly calculated high coefficients. The bonuses are accrued per daily, weekly and monthly returns.
/Bonus /Bonuses for express Football/hockey» - this is a bonus that is added to a winning express, which corresponds to certain conditions.
/Bonus - this is a bonus for clients who betted not less than 10 dollars in an express with the coefficient not less than 6.
/”Privilege /Privilege express» - this is a special type of bet, in which the bet is considered not to be lost at only one guessed wrong event and the bet is considered not to be lost but subject to return. In order the express would become a privilege one, it is necessary to meet certain conditions.